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    top ten reasons to choose little blessings nursery croydon

    There are many reasons why our parents trust and choose us

    Here are just some:

    1. Your child will get one to one care

    With extra qualified staff your child will benefit from extra attention not found at other nurseries. This is especially essential in aiding their education and ensuring that your child is always safe.  

    This becomes even more important for children who need or require extra support. As we cater for each child's individual needs.

    2. We have a large outdoor area

    3. You get the benefits of both a nursery and childminder

    This is by far our biggest benefit.  We at Little Blessings Nursery Croydon endeavor to ensure that we offer the benefits of both a large and small nursery.  Click here to find out how we do this.

    4. Your child will have access to a wide range of activities

    Your child will partake in a wide range of educational and stimulating activities.  Our staff plan and structure activities around your child's likes and preferences in order to aid and develop their learning and understanding.  See what activities we get up to here

    5. We provide excellent care for those with additional needs

    With over half our staff SENCO trained (trained to look after children with additional and special needs) we are capable of providing excellent care for children who need extra support.

    6. You will know everything your child does here and we offer lot’s of support to both you and your child

    With various initiatives to help support parents (for example having an on-site family support officer, having links to agencies who support families with different needs) we ensure that the whole family flourish and develop.

    7. Your child will be cared for by our excellent staff team

    Our vigorous recruitment process ensures that we hire the best nursery practitioners to care for your children.
    Our staff are friendly, professional, and experienced in providing high quality care for your child that both you and I expect. However, we don't just stop there. We also send our staff on regular training to ensure that we our continuously providing the best quality care for your child.

    8. Your little one will benefit from our range of high quality resources

    We regularly change and rotate the activities, equipment, arts and crafts and other resources that we have so that your child is constantly inspired through their learning.

    9. Your child will have access to an indoor and outdoor area

    Your child will not only enjoy a range of indoor activities, but also have access to a garden area to explore the natural environment.
    The ability to explore the outside world is important in aiding your child's development and helping their understanding of the world.

    10. Your child will be taken on regular trips out

    We take our children on regular trips to the local parks, libraries and children's centres so that they can experience and explore different environments, developing their understanding of the world.

    *on request

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