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    Find out What Funding is Available to Help you with Childcare Costs Here

    Help with childcare costs - Nursery Croydon

    *Please note that all of the funding listed below is available to use at Little Blessings Nursery, if you are eligible and want to join us here at Little Blessings simply contact us by clicking this link: Contact Me

    We at Little Blessings understand that childcare costs can put a strain on a family's finances.

    This is why we try to make sure that we offer affordable childcare (see how much our childcare would cost you), and offer our parents all the help with childcare costs that they require.  We are dedicated to offering the highest quality care for your child, from our one to one care to our wide range of activities, we make sure that our childcare services are great value for money.

    Not only this, we also provide flexible sessions to accommodate your needs.

    Below you can see all the different types of help with childcare costs available to you.

    Free Government Funding

    You may be able to get free funded nursery hours to use at our nursery.  See below for information about what is available.  These hours can be used on their own meaning you don't pay a penny.  Unlike most nurseries, our funded hours include our freshly prepared meals.

    You can do more than just the free hours, find out how much it would cost for this here - Nursery Fees.

    3-5 year old funding

    Government funding is available for all children age three to five, the term after their third birthday.  This entitles each child to a free 570 hours of childcare a year, usually taken as 15 hours of childcare a week during term time, or 11 hours a week throughout the year.

    These free hours can be used on its own or be claimed against any additional hours.

    The free 15 hours will be applied for once an application for childcare at Little Blessings has been processed.

    Free childcare for two year olds

    As with 3-5 year olds, government funding is also available for two year olds, following the same rules, though not all two year olds will be eligible.

    If you are from Croydon, you can find out if you're eligible and apply for funding here.  If you are eligible simply book an appointment with the nursery and provide us with code that they give.

    30 hours funding

    You may also be eligible for an additional free 15 hours a week for your child (1140 hours per year in total).

    You need to apply for the 30 hours funding, using a government gateway account.  Which you can apply for here:

    Apply for 30 hours funding

    This signs you up for a childcare account, which you can also use to apply for Tax-free childcare shown below.

    You can usually get 30 hours free childcare if you (and your partner, if you have one) are:

    • in work - or getting parental leave, sick leave or annual leave
    • each earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week - this is £120 if you’re over 25

    Once you have applied simply contact us and provide us with your code and you will be able to start using your free hours with us.

    Tax Free Childcare

    You can get £2 for every £8 you pay into your childcare account, from the government.  This must be paid to an approved childcare provider, like Little Blessings.

    You can get up £2000 a year per child to help with childcare costs.

    Eligibility is the same as with 30 hours funding (see above) and you can get both at the same time.

    Applying for this will stop childcare vouchers and Tax Credits. Use the childcare calculator to find out what option is best for you.

    Apply here for Tax Free Childcare

    Universal Credit

    You can get 85% of your childcare paid for, up to £646 per month for one child and up to £1108 per month for two or more children.

    To be eligible you need to be working or have a job offer.

    You can claim Universal Credit online

    Help with childcare - Little Blessings South Croydon

    Help while you study

    There are three main types of support for students who require childcare:

    1. Learner Support - available for those over 20 and in further education.  Contact your college directly for more information.  They let you know how to claim and how much you will be able to get.
    2. Childcare Grant  (Student Finance) - those eligible for student finance can get a grant on top of this to pay for childcare. Find out here How To Apply and How Much You Will Get
    3. Care to Learn - this scheme helps those under 20 and in education to fund childcare places.  The government pay up to £175 (£160 outside London) directly to us to cover you childcare fees. If you are under 20, are a British Citizen and are the main carer for your child you can find out how to apply here.

    Tax Credits – working tax and child tax credits

    Tax credits - working tax and child tax credits, have mostly been replaced by universal credits.  Though you can find out whether you are can still claim by clicking the links here: Working tax credit; Child tax credit.

    Childcare Vouchers

    Childcare vouchers are only available to those who had already joined before October 2018.  Though, if you have joined we do accept childcare vouchers, in order to reduce your childcare costs.

    Find more information about the different help available to pay childcare costs at:

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    Our Nursery Fees

    We also help with childcare costs by making our childcare affordable and excellent value for money.

    Want to know how much it would cost your child to learn and develop at Little Blessings? Click here:

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