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    Little Blessings Nursery Croydon Children's Nutrition

    Mmmm nothing beats the smell of a nice home cooked meal!

    At Little Blessings we know the importance of your child receiving good regular cooked meals throughout the day.  Meal times is often the highlights of their day and we see it in our children's faces.  The diverse menu acts as a new gift each day, which is evident in each child.

    From birth, children are growing extremely quickly and need a diet that satisfies this.

    We provide fresh meals every day and include foods from all cultural backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods as well as introducing them to new ones broadening their experiences of the wider world.

    View our sample menu here.

    Little Blessings Children's Nutrition Menu

    Little Blessings Children's Nutrition Children Eating

    Importance of Good Food and Nutrition

    Good nutrition in the early years helps to safeguard health and well-being throughout life. It is important that children develop healthy habits when they first learn about food. Growing with appropriate weight gain in the first years of life helps to guard against in later life.

    Therefore, a healthy balanced diet is key to a child’s growth and development. At Little Blessings we provide nutritious and well balanced meals to aid this. All our meals our prepared and cooked at the setting by out qualified cook. Alternatively parents can provide their children with meals prepared at home.

    Babies start on formula milk, moving onto baby rice, rusks, pureed food and finally chunky food prepared from the older children's menu. We welcome breast- feeding mothers by providing storage for expressed milk.

    We welcome suggestions from parents, either regarding their own child's needs or general ideas on new dishes.

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