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    Little Blessings Nursery Croydon - Health and Safety at nursery

    Safety at Little Blessings is our utmost priority.  Everything we do is geared towards ensuring that your child is safe whilst in our care.  We take important steps to ensure that the health and safety of your child is upheld.  These steps include:

    1. A low staff ratio - up to five members of staff looking after 10 children at a time.  This means that all children will be in constant care, preventing and reducing any opportunity for children to get lost or injured.
    2. A small home environment - as above this increases safety as all children are in eye sight at all times
    3. Regular risk assessments
    4. Private premises - all visitors to the premises are by appointment only and are checked on arrival
    5. Quality qualified staff - all our staff are vetted, qualified, reliable and committed to the well-being of your child.  All our staff have been on safeguarding training.  We also have an on-site first aid and health and safety officer.

    Parents regularly comment on how safe they feel here, some of their comments are below:

    'Like the size as its very intimate setting, so no little people can hide or get lost'
    'The nursery feels safe, when looking around I noticed safety gates and safety plug sockets'
    'I felt comfortable with staff handling my child when changing her nappy they wiped the area before and after also wore gloves while changing'
    'I really like the intimacy of the nursery and staff.  What is offered is something unique and precious'

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    Find out more about what your child will do here:

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