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    Want to know what we do for your children and what our children get up to?  Click one of the links below.

    What Do We Learn?

    At Little Blessings we focus on seven key areas of learning in order to ensure that your child excels and is prepared for school when they leave us.  Those seven areas are separated into three prime areas and four specific areas. 


    What Do We Get Up To?

    Here at Little Blessings we plan each day to help grow and nurture our children.  Everything that we do, from the meals that we provide to the activities that we set out, is created to increase your child's confidence, imagination and knowledge.             

    what do we get up to

    How We Stay Safe

    Safety at Little Blessings is our utmost priority.  Everything we do is geared towards ensuring that your child is safe whilst in our care.  We take important steps to ensure that the health and safety of your child is upheld.  These steps include...

    stay safe

    What Do We Eat?

    We know the importance of your child receiving good regular cooked meals throughout the day.  Meal times is often the highlights of their day and we see it in our children's faces.  The diverse menu acts as a new gift each day, which is evident in each child.

    what we eat

    What Activities Do We Do?

    Every day we plan different nursery activities to help educate your child and develop their learning and understanding.  Our staff are extremely creative when planning activities that your child will enjoy.                                                                                                                                       


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