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Key Points in the Report*

 The manager has a sound knowledge and understanding of how to plan and deliver
learning opportunities for individual children and to observe, assess and support their
 There is a suitable range of resources in place to support children's learning needs.
 The manager understands the need to keep children safe and healthy and to manage
their behaviour appropriately.
 The manager has a secure understanding of safeguarding practice and the procedures
to follow if concerns are raised about a child to help keep them safe.
 The manager understands the importance of working with parents as partners in their
child's care, learning and development.
 The manager has established a range of policies and procedure guidelines to enable
children to play an active role in their care and well-being.
 The manager is aware of the importance of evaluating practice to drive improvement in
the quality of the provision for children.

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*New Ofsted report not released yet

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