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    nursery croydon

    nursery croydon

    Little Blessings Childcare and Education aim to provide the benefits of both a nursery and a childminder.  This helps get the best out of your child as well as giving the best to your child.

    How we provide excellent nursery services to the Croydon area:

    • Lots of  other children to play with - with up to 9 other children to play with your child will develop their social and creative skills, along with their confidence.  Though not too many children that they will feel overwhelmed.
    • Wide range of activities - from making play dough to dressing up, singing and dancing there are many activities for your child to do.  We regularly plan activities to help develop their learning and understanding as well as allowing them to create and plan activities themselves.  Find out more about our activities here. 
    • Structured learning - we follow the early years foundation stage (EYFS). This provides a structure of learning and care for children from birth to five years old. Our staff are trained to create a safe and stimulating environment for your child to enjoy and develop in.  Find out more about how we help your child develop and learn here.
    • Stable childcare - we open all year round whether or not a member of staff is off sick or on holiday, giving you stable and reliable childcare

    'There are lots of activities, I even felt the urge to participate in them'

    Adreen (Parent)

    Ways we improve in Croydon nurseries:

    • More intimate and more attention - your child will get one to one attention and be part of a small group.  This means staff can spend more time with your child to aid in their development
    • Your child will go on regular trips - unlike most nurseries where the numbers are just far too high to go on trips, we plan and take are children on regular trips to the local libraries, parks and fields to further develop learning and play
    • Safety is key - your child will be in a small group and in a closed environment, so they will be able to get lots of individual attention and care.  This is important for their safety, as it means that no child can go missing and are always under the watchful eye of our staff.  Find out more about how we stay safe here.
    • Personalised care -  whether you want your child to play more outside to develop their physical development or whether you want your child to become the next mathematical genius, we work closely with you to offer the type of care you want for your child. 
    • Meals - meals are home cooked offering greater nutritional value.  See how your child stays healthy here
    • Mix with other age groups - this is an underrated benefit, though is essential.  Not only does it replicate an actual family which is beneficial on it's own, the younger children will learn from the older ones but the older ones develop through having the added responsibility of being role models

    'No little people can hide or get lost'

    Joanna (Parent)

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