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Find out What Funding is Available to Help you with Childcare Costs Here

money-114516_640We at Little Blessings understand that childcare costs can put a strain on a family's finances.

This is why we try to make sure that we offer affordable childcare (see how much our childcare would cost you), and offer our parents all the help with childcare costs that they require.  We are dedicated to offering the highest quality care for your child, from our one to one care to our wide range of activities, we make sure that our childcare services are great value for money.

Not only this, we also provide flexible sessions to accommodate your needs.

Below you can see all the different types of help with childcare costs available to you.

3-5 year old funding

Government funding is available for all children age three to five, the term after their third birthday.  This entitles each child to a free 15 hours of childcare a week during term time, or 11 hours a week throughout the year.

These free hours can be used on its own or be claimed against any additional hours.

The free 15 hours will be applied for once an application for childcare at Little Blessings has been processed.

Free childcare for two year olds

As with 3-5 year olds, government funding is also available for two year olds, following the same rules, though not all two year olds will be eligible.

If your two year old is eligible for the funding you would have received a slip/ letter confirming this after their second birthday.

Childcare Vouchers

Little Blessings accept childcare vouchers, in order to reduce childcare costs.

Childcare Vouchers are a government initiated scheme, whereby, some employers will offer a childcare allowance or vouchers as part of a ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme to make childcare more affordable for working parents.  Childcare Vouchers do not attract tax and National Insurance contributions, working parents can save up to £933 per year, or nearly £2000 a year if both parents in a household are part of a scheme.

Childcare vouchers from your employer may affect the amount of tax credits you get.   Click here to find out whether you would be better off with or without them

Tax Credits – working tax and child tax credits

It is possible to claim working tax credits and child tax credits in order to aid with childcare fees.  In order to be eligible for these tax credits you would need to use a registered or approved childcare provider, like Little Blessings.

Working Tax Credits: through working tax credits you can get 80% of your childcare paid for, up to £122.50 for one child and up to £210 for two or more children.

Child Tax Credits: can also be claimed for each child, without affecting any child benefits. 

Find out more information on child tax credits here:

Student Support

There are three main types of support for students who require childcare:

  1. Discretionary Learner Support - available for those over 20 and in further education.  Contact your college directly for more information.
  2. Childcare Grant  (Student Finance) - those eligible for student finance can get a grant on top of this to pay for childcare. Up to £150.23 a week for 1 child, up to £257.55 a week for 2 or more children
  3. Care to Learn - this scheme helps those under 20 and in education to fund childcare places.  It doesn't merely cover the childcare fees but also helps with travel arrangements and other needs.

New Deal for Lone Parents (NDLP)

The NDLP and New Deal for Partners (NDP) offers support for lone parents and partners of benefit claimants with childcare which can be accessed when applying for a childcare place with a registered childcare provider, like Little Blessings.  It entitles participating parents to receive help with childcare costs in the week prior to starting work, this helps pay for registration fees, deposits and any advanced payments.

More information can be found at your local Jobcentre Plus office.

Find more information about the different help available to pay childcare costs at:

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Our Nursery Fees

We also help with childcare costs by making our childcare affordable and excellent value for money.

Want to know how much it would cost your child to learn and develop at Little Blessings? Click here:

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