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    childminder croydon

    childminder croydon

    Little Blessings Childcare and Education are dedicated to combining and providing the benefits of both a childminder and nursery to your child.

    How we provide excellent childminding services in Croydon: 

    • One to one care - due to low staff ratio, of staff to children, your child will benefit from one to one attention which will aid their quick development 
    • The next best thing to your child being at home - our childcare is in a home environment which helps with the transition from being cared for at home.  This will help your child settle much quicker
    • A small cosy environment - your child will be in a small group, so they will be able to get lots of individual attention and care.  This is not only important for their safety, but also helps to develop all seven areas of learning much quicker than in a larger setting.
    • Childcare through term time - we offer childcare all year round and do not close for term time
    • Mixed age groups - your child will benefit from being in a room with children of other ages, giving them either a sense of responsibility or someone as a role model to model behaviour on.  This is especially important if your child has no other siblings

    'The interaction between staff and children was excellent and the children were able to have one to one attention at all times' 

    Aaron (parent)

    Ways we improve on regular childminders in Croydon:

    • We educate - unlike some childminders we teach your child through their play.  Helping them develop alongside the EYFS curriculum. Find out more about how we help your child develop and learn here.
    • Outside support - you will benefit from our links to various agencies to help support you, your child and your family if needed. 
    • Wide range of activities - your child will be involved in a wide range of stimulating and educational activities which most childminders cannot provide. Find out more about our activities here.
    • Guaranteed childcare - we have a five staff so if one is sick or on holiday your child will have guaranteed childcare all year round.  Having the same staff look after your children continuously helps to add continuity to your child's childcare, also, as opposed to the use of the childminder network.
    • Every child is equal - as is often in many childminders, they also care for their own children.  This means their child will more than likely take priority over yours.  That is not the case here, we value all our children equally.

    'I love the way my child is developing here'

    Darlly (parent)

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