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    Fire Department Visit (Nursery Activities)

    Our Fire Department Visit (Nursery Activities)

    Recently, the children of Little Blessings had a very special visit from Woodside Fire Station. Learning about different occupations is an important aspect to the children’s learning and development, as when our children grow, they will need to experience different occupations in life.

    The Woodside Fire Department showed the children their fire equipment; how the fire engine works; explained their job role and even showed the children how the fire hose works. From this, our little learners gained new knowledge from their experience and have been given the opportunity to extend their vocabulary through role play.

    Why we done this nursery activity?

    It is important for our children to understand what happens in a fire and how the fire brigade help us, however, do our parents know some of the triggers to causing home fires? Cooking appliances were the source of ignition in 50 per cent of accidental dwelling fires and 52 per cent of non-fatal casualties in dwelling fires in 2015/16.

    Useful Fire Safety Tips:

    Here are some of the London Fire Brigades tips to prevent home fires. For the full list please visit the website:

    1. Never leave pans unattended when cooking

    2. Don’t overload electrical sockets

    3. Keep candles well away from curtains, furniture and clothes

    4. Try to smoke outside and make sure cigarettes are put right out

    5. Switch off and unplug electrical items such as TVs and avoid charging devices like mobile phones when you sleep.

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