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Childcare Blog - Advice for Parents

Top ten tips to get your child eating healthier  

We know how difficult it can be to encourage our little ones to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Therefore, we have created our own top ten tips to get your child eating healthier.

The importance of reading with your childread with your child

Why you should read with your child. Click here to find tips on how to make reading with your child more enjoyable and find information as to why you should.


Help With Childcare Costs 

help with childcare costs

From two year old funding to childcare vouchers there's help for almost everyone.  Find out all the help available to you here.  



Ranking of Croydon Primary Schools

The most unhygienic and hygienic places to eat in Croydon

Childminder or Nursery? Which is best for your child

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Kids

Activities Blog - Our Nursery Activities

Fire Department Visit

Fire Department visit - nursery croydon nursery activitiesRecently, the children of Little Blessings had a very special visit from Woodside Fire Station. Learning about different occupations is an important aspect to the children’s learning and development, as when our children grow, they will need to experience different occupations in life. Nursery Activities - Nursery Croydon - Read More


Trip to Ashburton Library

Nursery Activities - Nursery Croydon Library VisitOur children have shown a keen interest in books.  They have read and been read almost every book here. So before we run out of books we decided to take them to the library to see whether they could read all the books there to.  Find out more about our trip here...



Healthy Eating Month

Nursery Croydon - Nursery Activities Healthy EatingDuring the month of September we taught the children all about how to keep a healthy diet, and what foods are good for you and which ones aren't.  We planned various activities to develop their understanding of this.  To see some of the activities that we done click read more.


Martin Luther King Day Activity ; Cupcake Making ; Playdough Making

Road Safety Activity ; Making Christmas Decorations ; Planting and Gardening

Garden Centre Trip ; Tree Making


Other Articles

Sell your children's unwanted items here

Lil Blessinggs selling Banner squareDo you have a Facebook account?  Do you have any children's items you no longer want or need?  If your answer was yes to both questions, you could easily make extra money selling them easily here. Find out more... 



Opening of Little Blessings Woodside

New Croydon schools needed.  Too many children in Croydon?

General Elections 2015 - Childcare

General Elections 2015 - Croydon Candidates


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